Spotlight by Nick Woolley

"Truly living well is a dying art."

In a fast world co-opted by convenience, consumerism in the 21st century has become a conveyer belt of mass produced goods. Meanwhile, housed in a long narrow concrete storefront just off Water St., is a quaint boutique with something different to offer. 

What sets Litchfield apart from others in the field is the unique shopping experience; every item in the store has it's own story. Each one with a beginning, middle and ultimately ending with you the consumer. This retail ideology bodes well for shoppers looking for a more personal and intimate shopping experience. - We all have our own horror stories from IKEA.

Traditional Japanese and Scandinavian minimalist influences can be seen throughout the carefully curated living displays. Large alpaca throws drape leisurely over worn wooden frames and sectionals. The way the store's founder Jonathan Litchfield puts it,


"Litchfield is more than a collection of things. Life is a series of simple moments,

and those moments are made beautiful by the tools we use to live."


This family philosophy translates to tools from various moments of daily living, ranging from scents, bone-handled knives, blankets, brass tools, to even raw honey.  As you stroll the long isles, it's hard to keep your eyes on one product too long before the next catches your attention.

In a time where consumerism is more driven by customer experience than brand name, Litchfield is leading the pack in modern home goods with their transcendent retail philosophy. If living well is a dying art, the good people over at Litchfield are helping to keep that vanishing craft alive one product at a time.


Litchfield The Shop

38 Water Street

Gastown - Vancouver, BC

V5M 4B7