Today marks the release of X-Ray Part II, a continuation of the web series created by Seena Haddad. The first part of the series introduces Marcus, played by Fountaine. The protagonist is balancing living in Portland with the will to become a respected artist in the hiphop community. Part II continues from the season finale where Marcus is introduced to Mac Smiff, editor in chief of We Out Here Magazine. This marks a check point in his career, to finally meet someone that can help get his talents recognized.

Check out the 1st episode of part II below.

Beyond this being a well put together series, what makes X-Ray so special is the collaboration from so many people from the Portland hiphop community. On camera and behind the scenes, there were contributions from Fountaine, Mac Smiff, Wes Guy, Epp, Koncept, 5th Sequence, Tron 444, Maze Koroma, Big Mo, Rasheed Jamal, The Last Artful Dodgr, Mic Capes and a slew of others who deserve mentions.  

Seena let us know that Part III is already written. It will jump back and forth in time between the storylines of Marcus in 2016 and his brother Ahmir (Rasheed Jamal) back in 2013. Part III ties in the similarities and differences between Marcus and Ahmir's paths. It is also a great platform to address gentrification in the rapidly changing city.

Check out Part I and Part II here.