Photography: Tim Slew

Photography: Tim Slew


"I just like avocados, and smoking weed."


LA resident producer Calvin Valentine releases some new fresh produce. “Avocado Hi" is a hazy smoke filled trip through soul loops and stoney synth solos. Wearing gold wire framed glasses, reminiscent of the days of Master P, the young artist shifts seamlessly between keyboard, synthesizers, samplers, and even vocoders to create a 20 song session worthy of a strong buzz.

Avocado Hi comes as Valentine’s first solo release in quite some time, and according to the artist, is a precursor to an upcoming album with the Eyrst record label. When we talked to him this week, he describes the album as "palatable reintroduction." Having been producing hip-hop music for over a decade, Calvin's developed a plethora of other genres, as well as working on both pop and soul projects. However, when taking in the new instrumental release, it's quickly apparent that this is a refocused effort on what he does best, making beats.

Having recently produced the single "God It" for the likes of De La Sol and Nas, Valentine continues with more heavy sample driven production in the new project.

"I am working on my full length album "Eugene" that is being released on Eyrst. And that album is all original production, playing drums and keys. This project is kind of a response to that, where I was able to go back to chopping samples. Basically I've always loved Madlib, Dilla, and Alchemist beat tapes, and wanted to doing something like that for myself. So I compiled a whole bunch of production from 2013-2015, and gave the people what they want."

Be sure to listen to "Still Got Me" Valentine's personal favorite from the vibrant instrumental soundscape. The album is available for download HERE, at Producers I Know. And keep an eye out for the cassette release for Avocado Hi on Fat Beats Records July 15th!