Spotlight by Nick Woolley

Spotlight by Nick Woolley

After a three year hiatus, one might have been surprised to hear the announcement of a KOKKO x MASTERMIND Japan pop-up shop earlier this year in February. But after a brief recess the Japanese luxury streetwear brand makes a resurgence, partnering with Vancouver based KOKKO, for a stimulating fashion and art experience.

As you make your way down a narrow staircase lit by a neon sign, the KOKKO gallery opens up to an expansive floor design. Indoors the space is lined with tall mannequins donning illustrious headpieces, paired with the multiple new offerings from the coveted streetwear icon. The combination of the new leather jackets, plaid tops, and tees contrast against bright, colorful, locally curated artwork.



"It’s exciting to be the first to bring an internationally sought-after brand to Canada"

-Mason Wu (Co-Founder of KOKKO)


Wu went on to say that the goal behind this pairing is to provide an interactive experience between luxury brands and artwork. And they did nothing short of that. A highlight of the interactive experience was the digital graffiti wall. Co-branded miniature spraycans project virtual paint on a digital screen as visitors tag their names and scrawl designs over the electronic canvas.

Tucked away through an unassuming stairwell in February was one of the most exclusive pop-ups to hit the Pacific Northwest. The KOKKO x MASTERMIND Japan pop-up has enthusiasts looking to the future, wondering what to expect next from the Japanese luxury brand.