Spotlight by Nick Woolley

"What're you guys known for.... what's good here?"


Ten years strong solidifies yourself as a staple in the food industry. Pambiche is nothing short. Perpetuating the same Cuban recipes that originated from their grandma's kitchen, straight to your fork and knife, this is Cuban comfort food with an emphasis on fresh ingredients. The Maribona family is churning out authentic Cuban cuisine for a modern generation.

Bold colors and tributes to Mary Pickford - an American actress that opposed sanctions on Cuba, and often visited - line the interior, while their exterior seating is constantly packed with lines often waiting to be seated next. We were treated to "Vaca Frita" which is marinated pulled steak that is then gently fried and doused with a citrus marinade. This paired with red beans, and traditional white rice with fresh cilantro, makes for an awesome example of the traditional cooking.

And if that’s not enough for you, let’s not forget the pastries, most notably the “Cuban Cigar.” This dessert is a densely wrapped chocolate rum truffle cake, surrounded in dark chocolate and dusted with cocoa. It is not only as rich as it sounds, but resembles a true to life smoldering cigar. The attention to detail, from the artistry to the Cuban heritage, is obviously not lost on the Cuban Cocina and Repostería.

It’s hard to not keep coming back to a restaurant where “everything” really is good on the menu.

2811 NE Glisan St., Portland OR 97232