Spotlight by Nick Woolley / Photography by Seth Mcginnis

"When I was 11, I thought I was going to be in the NBA." Wookie chuckled.

The realization came quick that there was more to the designer behind the JAEFIELDS brand than met the eye, once we caught up with him at his recent release party. Standing six-foot-two with broad shoulders, Wookie definitely has the build of an athlete. He spoke passionately about growing up playing basketball in the city of Lake Oswego, and how he learned to sew from his mother at a young age.

We connected with Wookie during his recent ‘Black Collection’ release, which featured an array of Tech Hoodies and 3M Print, as well as scoop extended T-shirts, and even premium black denim. When asked what originally drew him to the creative field of apparel design, he paused momentarily to collect his thoughts.

"Our family comes from a very technical background. My mom was a teacher. My dad is a physics and chemistry major. My sister's an engineer. And I have a degree in computer science... so it's kind of like everything in our family was black and white. When it came to creativity, I was finally like, 'this is something that pushes me outside of the box'. And I think that helped me to realize that... not everything is black and white you know?” Wookie credits this realization as an important influence on his current design process, saying "There is no perfect shirt."

Starting the brand JAEFIELDS in 2013, Wookie described the company as 'A company by artists, for artists.' This distinction became clearer as the conversation continued onto how he would categorize the aesthetic behind his formal twist on athletic wear.

"Quite honestly... I’m at a point where I want to give the people what they want, but it has to work for JAEFIELDS. I want it to be something that I can actually explain to someone exactly why I made it the way I did. Cause trends change all the time, so do my tastes. That’s why I have a hard time saying what category JAEFIELDS falls into."

While he may not be in the NBA, Wookie is a designer that is in a league of his own in the city of Portland. The young creative is working tirelessly as a designer for multiple clients, maintaining his own line JAEFIELDS, and even producing several private label products as well. You can find the JAEFIELDS ‘Black Collection’ today at their WEBSTORE.

When asked if he had any final thoughts on his field and the upcoming work he plans on doing, he responded in a calculated but admittedly excited manner, "It's all about aspiration, and story."