Interview / Photography by Nick Woolley

TRON is a man who is hard to describe. A painter and musician, he is the embodiment of a true creative. It bleeds out from the plethora of leather necklaces he wears over his kimono, and the copper frame glasses perched high on his nose (with no lenses – which he says is the next big thing coming).

Always one to take advantage of applying his artwork to multiple mediums, his newest project is a coloring book series he titled Time Travel 444. The way he describes it is, “Time Travel 444… is a label… without a label.”

We took a trip with the artist known as TRON to find out more about his newest release of artwork in the form of our favorite childhood pastime.

So tell me a bit about the title of the book, Time Travel 444.

"The time traveling coloring book is meant to assist people in time travel. My drawings are just the maps."

And why a coloring book? Was that something you enjoyed growing up?

"I was still more of a blank paper person, growing up. But the whole point of this project was to take my drawings and make people interact. So you know, more of an open collaboration type thing."

Have you heard about the research linking coloring books to therapeutic benefits? Do you have any thoughts on that?

"I mean, I believe it. Art for me is super meditative... this is just how I decompress. So I can see the coloring books being the same way. Just like any type of art should be a release for people, or meditation, depending how your process is."

So what are you hoping people do with the books?

"People are supposed to fuck ‘em up. Haha... Man the whole thing is that it’s just open, open collaboration. I just want to see what people do with it, ‘cause most of my stuff is black and white line work, so there's all sorts of places people can time travel with it. And that’s the whole point, you know?"

You mentioned this being an open collaboration type deal, how can collaborators share what you guys have helped each other create?

"I want people to send me their work, I want to see it. I want to post it on the website. And then some of my favorite ones, I’ll probably end up printing in a book. I’m telling people to just email me at Tron@Grape-God.com."

After wrapping up all the questions I had, TRON had these last remarks:

"It’s interesting you know, ‘cause with my stuff I feel like I am processing a lot of real thoughts when I am making my stuff, and that goes into the work. So I am interested in what other people are thinking when they are coloring in my work too. Time Travel 444... Is like a label... without a label. It's a name for the movement."






Instagram: @_._._._TRON