Photo by Peter Jamus : Feature by Vincent Magee

Photo by Peter Jamus : Feature by Vincent Magee

Fountaine has been a hermit in his laboratory working on projects with fellow NBG artist such as Mat Randol, Jon Belz and Snugsworth for the last year. Though he was in the midst of many dope projects behind the NW music scene, his Sophomore Album, Wisteria, is his best to date! Last Sunday a few people were able to have a intimate listening session accompanied with indulging in his favorite munchies such as pocky, mochi and homemade ramen. As the guest's sweet and savory needs were met; red wine (shout out to the homie Grape God!) and sake cleaned their pallet, making everything a good pairing with the vibes of the tunes blasting throughout the swanky room!

Check out our recap of the event courtesy of Anthony Taylor.

If you missed out on the listening session, we have you covered with the full stream of Wisteria right below!

Cowboys ft. Jointsy
Peas and Carrots
Tiger Balm
Banana Nut Fuschia
Modern Day Piccalo
Pokemon Blue Moon
Reforestation (Abbi Press Interlude)
Emerald Green ft. Mia Charnelle & MatRandol
Globe ft. Jon Belz & Snugsworth
Cookie Crumbles


All songs are produced by Fountaine except Peas and Carrots, which is produced by Snugsworth of GFA/NBG.