Factors To Consider When Buying Wigs From A Wholesaler

The hair industry keeps growing as time goes by. For this reason, it makes sense if you would want to join the industry. One of the things you will need to keep in mind when doing this is the wholesaler you get your wigs from. Buying one wig might not need a lot of research but getting wholesale hair means you need to be careful. You run the risk of getting a bunch of wigs that are not quality, and that will be a great loss to your business. Here are the pointers that will ensure you get quality hair.

1. Ask for samples

If you plan to order a batch of hair, you need to start by asking for a few samples. Many times the wholesale you are working with might try to assure you that they have quality hair. The only way to know if this is true is to get a sample from them. Some wholesalers will give you up to five samples from the variety they have so you can gauge the quality for yourself. Do not order a huge batch before you get these samples.

2. Find out if they have enough in stock

Another important thing you need to know is if the wholesaler has enough hair in stock before you order. If the seller does not have a lot of the hair in stock, they will have to outsource more which will take a while. The wait might affect your business pans, so bear that in mind.

3. Ask about lice

While it is not a common issue, there have been situations where the natural hair used to make the wigs has lice. One of the things you need to ask the seller is whether they had this issue and what they did to address it. Most vendors might deny it, but a truthful one will help you know if you can trust them. They should let you know what they did to get rid of the lice, as this helps you know if their sanitary measures are good enough.

4. The types of wigs they deal in

If you are planning on selling wigs, then you will need more than one brand. Looking for all these types from different vendors can be time and cost-consuming. Therefore, it helps to ask whether the seller you get deals with different types of wigs. It will give you variety to start with, and you can come to a price that is acceptable to all of you.

5. The cost

Once you have ironed out the details of the wigs and the quantity, the next thing you should think about is the cost. Different vendors will charge you differently for your wigs. Before you agree on a price, think about your shipping costs and the other additional charges. Then look at the market price and see if you stand to make any profit from the wigs. Doing so will help you bargain for a better price.

Last thoughts

Starting a hair business mean you have to think about a lot of things. The first and easy step is to get the right seller. Once you do so, you can move on to getting the right wig types and lengths.