How to have your favorite headband wigs looking fresh all the time

Have you used a headband wig before? No? Well, you might want to start buying a whole lot of them. They come in different colors and patterns so you will be spoiled for choice. A headband wig is another genius fashion accessory designed to make your fashion-life absolutely stress-free.

Indeed, everyone loves a stress-free life and the assumption is that you do too. It doesn’t matter if you will be owning your first headband wig after reading this or if you are a collector of headband wigs already, you will discover how to keep your headband wig looking as fresh as possible after following these tips.

What does it mean to keep headband wigs fresh?

Now, it is reasonable if you were first taken aback with the term ‘fresh’ accompanying a hair accessory, but a couple weeks of using a headband wig without proper care and you would understand that a hair accessory can look the opposite of fresh – stale. So, now that it has been established that a headband wig can look stale when it isn’t properly taken care of, what then does it mean to keep it fresh? Keeping your headband wig fresh refers to, in simple terms, keeping it looking new. It means that your headband looks as good or almost as good as the first time you got it. It doesn’t appear dry and rough, instead it has a wet appearance to it and it smells nice too.

How to have your headband wig looking fresh?

Keeping your headband wig looking fresh requires a behavioral effort from you. Behavioral effort in the sense that some of the routines that will be described here will be followed religiously and inculcated into your daily life. Just as you care for your normal wigs, a headband wig requires equal attention also.

The first level of ‘stale-hell’ your headband wig can fall into is one where it begins to look dry and some strands of hair start to fall out of order and no matter how much you palm them to fall in line, they just will not.

How do you prevent this from happening? You can stop it from happening by giving it special treatment by massaging it with essential hair oil as you would your normal hair. You are to then brush it out until every strand of hair aligns perfectly as it should.

One of the key parts of a headband wig is the headband. No matter how good-looking the wig part is, if the headband looks dirty it will affect your overall look. If you will not be able to take care of your headband wig regularly, you should opt for headband colors that are not quick to get dirty.

When your headbands do get dirty it is possible to get them clean. If the headband wig is new and has never been worn, dip it in cold water gently along with the shampoo. You can use the shampoo solution to clean the headband itself. If you’ve worn the headband wig, it is advised that you put the wig in warm water to remove excess oil before repeating the described process.


Your headband wig should look good every time you put it on and if you follow the tips that have been mentioned here, they will always look fresh whenever you wear them.