Learning Basics of Custom Copper Heat sink

In the making of the challenging application, customize copper heat sink has always been the priority. In simple words, a heat sink is widely used by thermal products and can be upgraded to meet the needs of the thermal application.

There are some advantages you get by using a custom heat sink in place of a manufactured heat sink as it affects money, and you can also reduce the time of the prototype.

If you need a high level of the heat sink, in that condition you can also look for extrusion because manufactured heat sinks cannot be modified but a custom copper heatsink can be modified. For making customized heat sinks you can see two things from which it can be made, custom aluminum heat sinks and custom copper heat sinks.

Understanding Custom Copper Heat sink Design

When someone designs a custom heat sink, he must have to think about some factors like what is the area occupied by a custom heat sink, etc. He will also think what is the budget and usage of the custom heat sink. He knows the properties of thermal interfaces. While making a custom heat sink the temperature of ambient, airflow direction and its speed in LFM must be taken in mind.

Different Available Custom Copper Heat sinks

There are some reasons why custom copper heat sinks are well known and are used by many people as compared to custom aluminum heat sinks. In the area where a good conductor of heat is required copper is preferred for the best as if you heat a side of copper the other side will become heat fast.

It also has a high melting point. So that is why copper is more effective than aluminum in removing heat.

Custom Copper Heat sink for LED

An LED custom copper heat sink is used for many reasons as it emits the extra heat from the LED quickly and in addition, it also helps in making the brightness in the LED glow.

Custom Copper Heat sink for Extra Cooling

Custom copper heat sinks are also used in devices for making the device cooler by emitting unnecessary heat from it. Extra fins help the custom copper heat sinks to emit heat more quickly.

Custom Copper Heat sink Along With Vapor Chambers

New custom copper heat sinks are introduced by radian thermal products in which vapor chambers exit. Vapor pressure has a custom shape which helps in makings things cooler.

Double Sided Copper Skived Heat sink

This application was built for a special reason as it has to be fitted in a minimum space provided by a hardware slot but it has to emit heat quickly and fatly.

Custom Copper Heat sink For Optics

These types of custom copper heat sinks are designed to fit easily in the slots and remove extra heat from small areas. This small device can hold a temperature of about 50°C even when the ambient temperature is 25°C.

Custom Copper Heat sink With Blower

Radian has introduced some custom copper heat sinks with blowers in them. It helps in releasing the unneeded heat with a speed controller in it by which you can set the speed.

Two Sided Vapor Chamber Copper Heat sink

The two-Sided Vapor Chamber Copper Heat sink is made to release the heat from hot places faster. So each side of the custom copper heat sink has a large number of spread full fins to give its best to withdraw heat.

Copper Heat Pipe Diecast Heat sink For Encoder Card

To reduce the price and enhance the volume, an extruded aluminum heat sink is transitioned into a die-cast heat sink. This transition is performed by doing cuts and drills into the die-cast heat sink design. Moreover, the thermal performance has improved by adding the copper heat pipe in the base area.


If you are interested in making a custom copper heat sink then you must have to know some important factors. Copper being a good conductor of heat and having a low melting point is preferred a lot. There are also some options for customized copper heat sinks you have to select the best one for you.