Tips for Extending the Life of Brazilian Hair Bundles

Every wig or weave lover should care for them as they do for their natural hair. Hair weaves or bundles are an easy way of adding style to your daily look as well as hair volume. The use of Brazilian hair bundles has been on a rising trend due to the many textures available, the quality, appearance, and other attractive factors. Generally, human hair bundles last longer but proper maintenance must be done to achieve that. We outline the tips of extending Brazilian hair bundles life below.

Tips for Making Brazilian Hair Bundles Last Longer

Brazilian human hair bundles are quite expensive. Proper care is vital, and it involves;

1. Having a daily care routine

Before styling, ensure you detangle the hair for easy brushing or combing. Run your fingers through the hair gently, or use a wide-toothed comb to remove knots and tangles. When detangling, start with the tips as you rise to the roots.

However, when combing, since there are no obstacles, do it from top to bottom and avoid too much pulling. Finally, style the hair as desired and after your day is over, again brush the hair before sleeping.

2. Use the correct application method

When installing Brazilian bundles or sew-in weave, loop the thread over and below the weft and finish off by tying to hold it in place. Avoid passing a needle through the weft since it causes shedding and thinning of the hair bundle. In addition, don’t cut any hair tracks formed during installation to avoid losing tips that cause the hair to shed. For Brazilian curly hair bundles, using a sealant before cutting any track helps prolong their lifespan.

3. Avoid too much coloring and bleaching

Hair bleaching or adding some color is okay, especially if the hair is 100 % Remy hair. However, if done often, the chemicals suck moisture from the hair, making it dry and brittle. It also loses its shine and appears dull and unattractive. Since most of the coloring is often done at home, the chances of not mixing the correct chemical proportions are high, and it’s dangerous to the hair.

Limit the chemical processes and find good quality products for moisture replacement. Visit a hairstylist for bleaching and coloring procedures to keep the hair healthy and have it serve you more a longer period.

4. Take a break from styling

Some jobs require daily hairstyling like modeling, corporates jobs, and others. However, it’s good to go for days without directing heat to your hair. You can avoid heat damage by not using heating tools like curling iron, blow dryer, and flat iron. Excessive heat causes weak strands, fizziness, and breakage. Take a break to rejuvenate the hair bundles and have them for several years.

Final Word

Brazilian hair bundles are among the most beautiful hairs in the market. In addition to the tips given above, keep the bundles clean to remove old oils and avoid a matted look. Proper care helps maintain its lustrous look and original nature for an extended period. Schedule salon visits to get certain procedures done and avoid any damage to the hair.